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Transcript of "AOE now offering DEI services" video

If the topic of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion otherwise known as DEI, is a bit overwhelming, you aren't alone. A recently published study of 1,500 leaders in the business-to-business sector noted that they consider DEI crucial to reputation, recruitment and the bottom line. However, they don't know where to start.


Built with a thoughtful approach to bringing DEI solutions to technical and scientific associations, members of the design and construction industry, and other professional service organizations, AOE can help demystify the DEI topic and help provide the education you need to determine your next steps.


Our experts certified in the DEI space are available to share information about DEI with you, your leadership team or board of directors. The training we've assembled does not preach or advocate for DEI in any strong manner, but rather it helps participants understand that DEI programs are a journey, as well as the myriad of factors that have resulted in DEI being the hot topic today. Such factors include the speed of sharing information, the pandemic, as well as the growth of consumers feeling empowered to drive change.


Looking at DEI is key for all organizations wishing to mitigate legal risk, as well as to explore the topic in terms of talent development.


Learn why many organizations tout DEI as beneficial to their financial bottom line, as well as improving employee engagement, recruitment, corporate culture and even innovation.


The power of language is also key. What do we mean by the terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? What about microaggression, microinequities, systemic bias and more? Learn what these terms mean as well as some key examples to bring these terms to life.


Finally, some have opted for the training to also include information on how to be an ally. When is it appropriate to speak up, and how? Tools for allyship and guidance on how to handle the uncomfortable are shared.


If DEI is something you want to explore, or maybe you simply need to learn a bit more to determine its fit with your organization, AOE can help. Give us a call today.

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