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Check Adjust and Accountability

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DEI programs are a journey. Although they may have a start point, there is no end. As your diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, AOE DEI monitors your progress along the way.


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During scheduled check-ins, AOE will review your customized DEI scorecard and provide feedback and guidance. 

Checking in, adjusting and reviewing accountability are key to pivoting.

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At periodic times throughout your DEI journey, AOE will encourage participation in the benchmarking survey in order to determine progress.

Measurement should be considered for every short-term and long-term goal and action—what changes occurred?

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Like all other plans, your DEI plan needs to be reviewed annually to see where improvements can be made.​ It is very important to analyze both qualitative (stories and anecdotes) and quantitative data (hard numbers).

Consider external factors, such as changes in business practices, markets and other external environments that need reflection, and incorporate updates into the plan every year.

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