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Organizational Scan

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AOE’s DEI Benchmark Program is more than a software tool—it is a communication and branding as well as an employee recruitment and development resource.


Organizations partnering with AOE will have access to our branded benchmarking software tool that goes far beyond measuring quotas and numbers, to also introducing holistic concepts related to DEI including intent, language, visual messages and more. The software provides real-time data for organizations in terms of their DEI efforts, as well as their peers’.

In addition to these measurements, AOE will deliver key messages to help your organization continue to incorporate DEI initiatives. These messages will be helpful in proposals for securing work, as well as integrating in all marketing communications efforts. Survey participation is confidential, and the themes presented will assist your organization in identifying the phases of your DEI journey. 

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AOE is poised and positioned to perform a cultural organizational scan including your people and infrastructure to support your DEI journey.

Trust the leading consulting firm serving your industry with more than 25 years of leadership.

Organizational Scan Services

Assess and Benchmark

Using AOE’s Proprietary Assessment Tool, we’ll capture data around your organization's demographic makeup in order to provide insight into which strategies should be prioritized to improve diversity with maximize inclusiveness. This step includes benchmarking your journey as well.

AOE can also conduct a brand audit, which entails a review of your marketing, sales and recruitment tools with regard to DEI. The goals of this assessment include: 

  • Identifying how to integrate into currently used mediums

  • Establishing potential new mediums

  • Determining internal communication capability and capacity

  • Identifying the support role for AOE Group

  • Establishing key messages

  • Creating communication toolkits

  • Developing customized communication plan

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Define Your Plan

AOE will work with you to define why DEI is important to your organization and outline key themes and areas of focus for your team to consider as options for your strategic DEI plan.

Set the Stage for DEI

AOE will assist in setting a clear vision and common vocabulary that will be integral to making your DEI plan feel both accessible and personal, such as creating language for to use in marketing materials related to your DEI journey.

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