As life-long learners, it is key to continual knowledge-building related to the DEI journey. This phase will include customized training offerings such as understanding different personalities, unconscious bias, and much more.

"Employees want to work with a company that aligns with their values and knows what they stand for. DEI efforts are more than programs, they’re reflected in the language we use, and don’t use. They come to life in how we speak to each other, in written communications, and in how we treat each other."

Working through unconscious bias and learning about inclusive language is the beginning of real and meaningful progress in hiring, growing and retaining talent. Your organization will benefit by showing employees that it cares about DEI. And your industry as a whole will benefit as you become a strong voice in the conversation around DEI. Your employees, customers, stakeholders and competitors should know exactly where you stand on these issues. Understanding and effectively communicating the "why" behind your organization's commitment to transparency around DEI is key. It is also important that senior leaders are able to speak with confidence, authenticity and conviction about their plans and goals to diversify the organization. This authenticity will help the organization constructively address any resistance that may be encountered and will also demonstrate a genuine commitment that is key in driving forward an effective DEI strategy.

Group Portrait of Queer Friends

AOE has worked with one of the leading DEI consultants in the country to develop trainings on the following topics:

  • Cultural Bias

  • Implicit/Unconscious Bias

  • Allyship

  • Micro-Aggression

  • Leading with Empathy

  • Cultural Competency Organizational Development, & Conscious Leadership


A key component of many plans includes setting a clear vision and common vocabulary that will be

integral to making DEI plans feel both accessible and personal.

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