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Ageless Innovators

In 2022, ageism is still alive in the workplace. Ageism exists when people form stereotypes and biases based on someone’s age. This can have serious consequences for people’s mental health. As the U.S. workforce grows older and many people are working longer, ageism is a critical concern for many companies and organizations. Chicago Innovation has recently launched an initiative, Ageless Innovators, with the goal of facilitating intergenerational co-mentoring, ultimately reducing ageism in the workplace. Bridging generations by sharing experiences, skills and perspectives through reciprocal mentoring is the basis of this initiative. Ageless innovators focus on pairing intergenerational co-mentors, creating a community of individuals who value diverse perspectives, By doing this, Ageless Innovators is aiming to tackle ageism in the workplace. This strengthens intergenerational relations, which is important for changing the dialogue and how we think of ageism. One of the benefits of this program is that it gives individuals a greater perspective of what their lives have been, and what their lives looking forward will look like. Building age-related empathy can uncover a whole new outlook on life, along with breeding innovation. The benefits of being an Ageless Innovator include reciprocal mentoring which allows for learning from a co-mentors experience as well as sharing expertise, relationship building through engaging in co-mentoring, large scale events and an intergenerational community. With this new initiative, Chicago Innovation hope to make a difference and initiate awareness and change when it comes to ageism.

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