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How to be an Ally - Speak up

The next step in allyship is to learn how to speak up. Speaking up is hard. Very hard. But, it is necessary for change. For example, if a fellow team member uses the word ‘retarded’ during a meeting in response to an idea presented, or someone makes a homophobic remark during the break, how do you react? In most cases, especially in our polite business world, we don’t speak up.

If you do witness microaggression or bias, and it is appropriate to speak up:

  • Take the lead of the person being directly harmed.

  • If the afflicted does not want you to take up their case, respect their wish. You don’t want to put them in a worse spot.

  • When you normalize speaking out, it gets easier. This requires training.

Putting allyship into action: Reflect on times in which you choose not to speak up because you don’t want to cause any conflict. How would you handle the situation today?

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