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Lead and Succeed with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

More than 76 percent of job seekers report that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating organizations for possible employment. With today’s tight labor-force, this stat obviously can’t be ignored. However, simply launching diversity efforts in recruiting without a clear DEI strategy have shown to back-fire. It is key to first establish a DEI strategy and core values that can support your recruitment goals.

Step one is starting with making DEI a priority. Sounds obvious, but too many organizations sideline DEI as an HR activity or a committee without integrating it into the fabric of the organization. It is far too easy for organizations to start a DEI initiative, release a statement and celebrate that they have checked off a box. However, experience shows without linking efforts to the overall values of the organization, this won’t be effective.

Fostering a collaborative environment in an organization is a great way to start a DEI initiative. Communication groups among employees when topics and conversations are approached can be an effective jump starter for a DEI initiative. Groups can also be a safe place for conversations and establish an inclusive culture throughout the organization. This will allow employees to see the difference in views, backgrounds and experiences. This environment leads to organizational innovation and growth. It is also vital for an organizations leader to exemplify DEI initiative and understanding through their leadership and influence. Leaders in your organization will lead by example and they must understand the benefits of DEI. By implementing groups and focusing on how leaders in the organization lead, a DEI initiative can be effectively implemented.

Is your organization struggling to create and stick with DEI initiatives or recruit diverse staff? Visit AOE’s DEI Website or contact us today to learn more about advancing DEI in your organization!

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