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Lead for diversity in your workplace

Today’s society is more diverse than ever, and your workforce should reflect that if you want to succeed. AOE recommends your follow these 4 steps:

  • Check people’s unconscious biases. You can’t avoid unconscious bias, but you can confront it so it doesn’t rule your decisions. Encourage employees to examine their assumptions about other people, and provide training in identifying and overcoming hidden biases.

  • Eliminate microaggressions. Point out offhand comments that target marginalized people. Because employees may not even realize what they’re saying, be patient when explaining how their words affect others. Listen when people tell you about your own comments or behavior.

  • Don’t overload people. You may be tempted to rely on members of diverse groups for support, ideas, guidance, and input on various issues surrounding inclusion. Don’t overburden them. Let them do their jobs without the added pressure of constantly having to represent their entire gender, race, ethnicity, or other personal characteristic.

  • Make your workplace a safe place. When employees feel safe being their authentic selves, they are more productive and fulfilled, and more likely to stay with your organization. Creating such an environment takes authenticity and commitment from managers, but it’s well worth the time and effort.

Having a diverse workforce is key for any organization to succeed. Contact AOE today to get started on your DEI journey.

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