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AOE has assembled a wealth of resources on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Have you seen a great presentation, read a great article or participated in a worthwhile training? Let us know so we can all continue to be life-long learners.

What does equity have to do with sustainability? Is equity an essential component of sustainability? In this quick service spotlight, AOE President Kimberly Kayler highlights what trends we are seeing in how equity plays a vital role in sustainability and how your organization can meet your needs without compromising future generations. Check it out!

AOE President Kimberly Kayler shares her presentation “Understanding the Evolving Impact of DEI” on your business. In this informative presentation, she will discuss why DEI is such a hot topic, how to build a plan, steps to becoming an ally and much more.  

AOE DEI Practice Group Leader Kimberly Kayler sits down with Brett Walsh, Executive Vice President of Resources for Graycor and Tom Merritt, Regional Managing Director for Anser Advisory, both long-time AOE clients and leaders in their industries. The conversation will review the importance and benefits of diversity, challenges to developing a DEI culture, tips for engagement with employees and other members of your design-build team, and more.

Learn about DEI in a Minute or Less

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Why are Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) So Important?

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